Whirlpool ADG2020  6th Sense 13 Place Setting Integrated Dishwasher

Whirlpool ADG2020 6th Sense 13 Place Setting Integrated Dishwasher

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Brand:  Whirlpool
Product Code:  ADG2020
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Modern built-in dishwasher with a width of 60 cm, which excludes the maximum energy savings - in fact falls into an extremely efficient class A +++ and its water consumption is only 10 liters. This is due to the capacity up to 13 dining sets truly outstanding value. There is also a state of the art technology and Power Dry 6.Smysl that take care of everything for you.

This dish is very similar to the model WHIRLPOOL ADG 2020 IX, which differs from the design and slightly more compact dimensions. More differences between these models, however, do not find.

Mention must also be very quiet, because the maximum noise level is only 44 dB. There are also other useful functions, such as 24-hour timer or AquaStop, thanks to which you need not worry that it could damage household appliance. Overall, this is a superbly equipped appliance for the modern home.

6th Sense Technology

The dishwasher has a function sixth sense - in this case it means that it is equipped with special sensors wastewater. They are able by pollution to determine whether it is clean or not dishwasher. Control unit every 10 seconds, then adjust the washing mode. You do not have to choose a suitable program to study long manual, leave everything up to the dishwasher.

Power Dry

This model is equipped with cutting-edge technology PowerDry. The dishes can completely dried and polished in just one hour. Drops remain even on plastic dishes. Technology also steam into water, which is then drained away. Benefit is then reduce the fuel consumption per wash cycle and acceleration when the entire process takes less than 1 hour

Warranty: 6 Year Full Parts and Labour

Place Setting 13
Energy Rating A+++