Apple MC500B/A Battery Charger

Apple MC500B/A Battery Charger

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Brand:  Apple
Product Code:  MC500B/A
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A smarter way to charge your batteries

The sleek, compact Apple battery charger is all about efficient charging. It's optimized for Apple supplied batteries, but it works with batteries from other companies, too. And the Apple battery charger features that automatically reduces its power intake once your batteries are fully charged.

It comes fully loaded and then some

Not only do these high performance batteries have long lifespan, they also hold a charge for an incredibly long time. So you always have power when you need it.

More charges, less waste

The Apple battery charger has one of the lowest standby power usage values - or "vampire draw" - of similar chargers on the market. That's the energy that most chargers continue to draw even after their batteries are done charging.

Better for the environment

With the Apple battery charger, you no longer have to buy or hassle with the disposal of batteries every few months. The charger works quickly and efficiently.

Product DescriptionApple Battery Charger - battery charger - AA - NiMH x 6
Battery AA type - Nickel Metal Hydride
Product Type Battery charger - 2xAA
Localisation English / United Kingdom
Batteries Included 6 pcs.

Type AA type
Technology Nickel Metal Hydride Included Qty6

Product Type Battery charger
Localisation English / United Kingdom

Supported Battery

Supported Batteries2xAA
Technology Nickel Metal Hydride