Quooker Pro 7 7CCHR  Classic Polished Chrome Kitchen Tap

Quooker Pro 7 7CCHR Classic Polished Chrome Kitchen Tap

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Brand:  Quooker
Product Code:  7CCHR
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Also available in Brushed Chrome and Stainless Steel

'Classic' design hot water tap from Quooker in polished chrome. 
This is the revolutionary Quooker boiling water tap – the medium duty commercial 7 litre version. "Classic" design, finished in Polished Chrome
The Quooker is an ingenious fusion between an electric kettle, a thermos flask, a water purifier and a height adjustable tap. It stores seven litres of water at 110 degrees C, in an insulated tank, like a large thermos flask below the work-surface.  The water also passes through a filter to purify it, and is dispensed in a fine spray, which helps protect against burns.
Applications and uses include:  Making perfect, pure tea for one, two or twenty; making baby formulae in seconds; filling pasta, noodle and rice pans; sterilising babies bottles and dummies; blanching fruits and vegetables; peeling tomatoes; boiling eggs; poaching fish; making great coffee in a cafetiere; sterilising pots for jam making; removing wax from candlesticks; instantly washing extra greasy pots and pans; heating up plates and serving platters; sterilising chopping boards…. The list goes on and will continue to grow!