Indesit ISDG428 Top Loading Spin Dryer

Indesit ISDG428 Top Loading Spin Dryer

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Brand:  Indesit
Product Code:  ISDG428
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The Indesit ISDG428_WH spin dryer basically spins your glad rags so fast that all the water is thrown away from the garments. That's centrifugal force to the scientists out there.

The first thing that will strike you about the ISDG428_WH is its rather small form with a width of just 34.5cm. It’s designed save space and as a result you can put it anywhere you like, just as long as there’s a power supply. Don’t be fooled by the size, you can still get a very respectable 4kg of wet clothes in the drum – which is about 12 adult T-shirts. The drum itself is stainless steel so naturally you’re going to get plenty of years of service out of it, and of course it will keep on looking great from one year to the next.

When running at full speed the Indesit ISDG428_WH will reach a speed of 2,800rpm. That’s more than twice the speed of some full size dryers. It’s this high speed which forces all the water to the exterior where it is simply drained away. Once all the moisture is expelled the speed through which your clothes travel through the air is what gets them completely dry. Smart stuff.

There’s absolutely no need for plumbing in anywhere either. Once the water is being extracted it simply pours out of the spout on the front of the appliance. Just pop a bowl or a dish in front to collect the run-off and that’s it. Easy.


Energy consumption per year (kWh) : 11.27
Structural features

Drying capacity (kg) : 4
Colour : white
Drying type : 
Type of tumble dryer : mechanical

H (cm) : 62
W (cm) : 34.8
D (cm) : 34.8
Weight (Kg) : 1
Height package (cm) : 66
Width package (cm) : 38
Depth package (cm) : 39

Dryer Type Spin Gravity
Load Capacity 4kg
Colour White