Miele Complete C1 Ecoline Bagged  Vacuum Cleaner

Miele Complete C1 Ecoline Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

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Brand:  Miele
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Airtech Cleaner Technology developed specifically for low-watt/lightweight vacuum cleaners;
TurboBrush that makes it easy to remove thread, hair, and any other kind of almost impossibly visible items from the floor. This includes another smaller turbo brush called the “mini”;
Charcoal Active Air Cleanser is included in the filters, which means that the area you’re cleaning will be rid of unpleasant odors;
Varioclip Accessories such as the Hyclean 3D Efficiency Dustbag which makes everyday filtration easy;
Ergonomic vacuuming becomes possible because of a high-tech, telescopic suction tube that can be adjusted to your liking;
A filter change indicator is included so you’d know exactly when you have to change the filer already;
9mm operating radius—so you know the span of what you can clean, and;
It is also cost-efficient, because of eco-saving technology.

Electronic Suction Power Control, Rotary Selector
Energy Efficiency Class: B
Cable length 5.5M
Type of Dustbag: HyClean FJM
Dustbag Volume: 4L
Exhaust Filter: AirClean Filter
Accessories: Three-Piece Accessory Set Integrated

Energy Rating B
Colour Various
Wattage 800W