Kenwood Blend- X BLP607WH Classic Blender

Kenwood Blend- X BLP607WH Classic Blender

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Brand:  Kenwood
Product Code:  BLP607WH
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Kenwood Blend-X Classic
Using Kenwood’s leading MultiZone blades, Blend-X Classic offers stylish design, power and the ability to blend hot and cold ingredients.

Not only does it have the looks to impress; the powerful 800W motor delivers even better results; the smoothest smoothies, creamiest soups and crunchiest salsas.

The Kenwood MultiZone blades and variable speed control offer precision blending to crush, smooth, blend and mix to your desired texture.

The 1.6 litre ThermoResist glass goblet has a ventilated cap that allows the blending of both hot and cold ingredients such as freshly cooked soup or ice cold cocktails. In addition, handy graduations for measuring and removable blades for cleaning mean blending is never a chore.

Also includes a grating mill for parmesan cheese, nuts and chocolate. The three blades, each with a rough surface, will create extra fine results. The metal lined grinding mill will grind coffee beans and spices with no flavour contamination between uses or staining

Material: plastic
Colour: white
Dimensions: 37cm X 18.5cm X 16.5cm
Speed: variable and pulse
Weight: 3.08kg
Dishwasher safe parts
Capacity: 2 litres

Colour White
Wattage 800W