Quooker Combi 2.2CSTL Classic Brushed Chrome Kitchen Tap

Quooker Combi 2.2CSTL Classic Brushed Chrome Kitchen Tap

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Brand:  Quooker
Product Code:  2.2CSTL
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Also available in Polished Chrome and Stainless Steel

'Classic' design hot water tap from Quooker in brushed chrome. Model Combi 2.2CSTL.
This is the revolutionary Quooker boiling water tap with the added benefit of providing 50-65 deg hot water from an existing tap.  No more running the tap waiting for hot water – this puts an end to firing up the boiler -  it’s all instant! (and very efficient)
The Quooker is an ingenious fusion between an electric kettle, a thermos flask, a water purifier and a height adjustable tap. It stores three litres of water at 110 degrees C, in an insulated tank, like a large thermos flask below the work-surface.  Both the hot and the boiling water pass through a filter to purify it, and the boiling water is dispensed in a fine spray, which helps protect against burns.
Applications and uses include:  Making perfect, pure tea for one, two or twenty; making baby formulae in seconds; filling pasta, noodle and rice pans; sterilising babies bottles and dummies; blanching fruits and vegetables; peeling tomatoes; boiling eggs; poaching fish; making great coffee in a cafetiere; sterilising pots for jam making; removing wax from candlesticks; instantly washing extra greasy pots and pans; heating up plates and serving platters; sterilising chopping boards